My daughter loves to read. She has progressed from reading comics to books. Currently her favorite author is ‘Enid Blyton’ and she states that she loves reading her books. I also have a hobby of reading books, but not those kinds of Anyways it shows that she has come up like me to have… Read more »

Comic Superhero

I believe that not only my kid but most kids have a tendency of acquiring the characters of their favorite superheros. My son loves Superman and wears a red cloth attached on his shoulders. I don’t mind as long as he is doing it at home but one day he insisted on wearing his underpants… Read more »

My fiery little girl!

I don’t know from where my daughter got her fiery nature from. She wants to be the ‘Catwoman’ from the DC comic superheros. She challenges her brother for a dual which her brother curtly dismisses stating that he is ‘Superman’ and can defeat her anytime. Catwoman…lol:P Link gives the top 25 heroes of DC comics… Read more »

My DC comic superhero

While my son is in the marvel comics superheros, my daughter is in the DC comics superheros. Her favorite character?- Booster Gold. Reason?- “He is so cooooool! I made out the fact that his coolness has nothing to do with his role but more with his looks. Not surprised there…. anyone else who has a… Read more »

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