Dollhouse for all my dolls!

My daughter needed a dollhouse for her dolls. I brought her one and she is very happy. She feeds them using imaginary food from the cups and bowls. At night she before going to sleep she just make them lean on the dollhouse walls. Its actually cute to see her playing and talking so sensitively… Read more »

My Doll needs a house!

My nine year old daughter has a very big doll gifted by her granddad. She states that her doll Lucy (that’s the doll’s name) needs a house to live. I brought her a dollhouse but she started crying stating that her doll cannot ‘fit’ inside. So I a in a pretty fix. Where in God’s… Read more »

Dad! Barbie has a house now!

I brought a dollhouse for my daughter. She plays with it and is currently the home of ‘Barbie’- her doll. She says she is responsible for cleaning and welcoming visitors as Barbie is the owner of the house. Even I sometimes have to go and visit ‘Barbie’ in her dollhouse:) Image is just a representation. 

A house for my doll!

I brought an expensive dollhouse for my daughter because she topped her class in junior school. She is all excited and plays with it all day long.. ( I will allow it as long as the holidays are going on) Sometimes I have to join in the fun, she invites me to her home for… Read more »

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