Card game that I really enjoyed!

Uno!- A really great card game. It was fun to know what cards you have got. Even though being a parent it doesn’t feel like a childish game. It also helped to bond with my kids. Anyone ever played Uno? It is the perfect family card game suitable for the coldest nights.

Card game with my kids!

Last weekend we played Carzy Eights- me and my kids ( and their friends!) We all enjoyed playing and have decided to play every weekend. Considering that I purchased some new card games including Snap and Go fish. Here is a great website that gives more information or card games that you can use to… Read more »

My solution for boredom!

Whenever my kids are bored, we begin a family game. Slapjack is the card game that I use. My kids also don’t get bored as they wait eagerly for their turn. There are other family games that can be used like shown in the article. And if not games then any other ideas?

Which is the best family game?

My sisters family is going to come to live with us for 15 days. They are 6 person there and 4 in my house including me- 10 overall! I was thinking of purchasing a family game as I have none in my house. This idea cropped up when I was talking with my nephew who… Read more »

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