Jurassic Park

I took my kiddo for the Jurassic Park film. He was scared initially then was awed by the fearsome creatures. I was thinking of making him a little adapted to real life movies- though dinosaurs are not longer much real!:) but they are better than all that kiddy cartoon like superman and batman that he… Read more »

Night with my kids!

Okay, so this week we went to see a movie- ‘Finding Dory.’ Personally I found it great but my daughter was very frightened.  I am glad my son enjoyed it or else the whole ‘going to see movie’ part would have been a waste. My daughter is too small- 5 years old and was afraid of… Read more »

I am in a ‘movie’ fix!

Guys just help me out here! I am scheduled to take my family out for a movie night. I have kids aged below ten, so what will be the appropriate movie- not only for the kids but also for me- so that by the time the movie is finished I am not bored to death:)… Read more »

Movie night out with my kids!

I took my kids for a movie night. I was thinking about which was the most appropriate movie according to their age group. I finally decided on ‘The Land Before Time.’ They loved it- and I am glad! Image is only for representation purposes. 

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