Pool toy for my kid

I brought a little pool bike for my kid. He simply adores it. It is a very safe pool toy and he roars round with it. I have purchased an aquabike for myself, and we try to race each other…. and he wins!

Swimming Pool Nightmare!

My kids and their nephews had a get-together weekend and I decided to take them to the swimming pool. They created havoc hitting drinks on other people and hiding their things- they are a mischievous lot! So I decided to take them in hand. I called them and started a game. I took out a… Read more »

Playing by the sea!

I have brought a new volleyball and net to set up by the sea as we are going to the beach next weekend. The kids are overenthusiastic and are all set o go. I am not such a great volleyball player but let’s see…:) I do not have such stout wooden poles, but yes my… Read more »

Rubber duck for the next pool outing!

I brought a new yellow rubber duck for my kid, and he is all excited to ‘mount’ it the coming weekend. I also brought a few balls to play with and have make sure that the pool is ready. Anyone cares to join?:) Image is just an representation. 

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