Superheros and kids!

My son watches superhero cartoon on television and whenever his favorite charcater is in play he shouts encouragement on the top of his voice. “KILL HIM”, “LOOK HE IS BEHIND YOU”, ” YEAH! PUNCH HIM”… and so He sometimes goes wild if his character is in killing spree. Anyone has kids like mine?

Marvel Comics Real Life Play!

My kids want the latest marvel comics to read before their friends. Even my nephews are in this marvel comics thing.Whenever there is a family gathering they play out the latest comic. Each one takes  a role with the least prominent role going to the youngest (naturally) and they start acting and shouting at the… Read more »

The Marvel Comic Verbal Fight:)

Whenever my nephew and son are together they always start talking about the marvel comic superheros, their latest episodes and comics. My nephew is Tony Stark while my son is the Hulk. Both keep verbally fighting at the top of their voice as to why their superhero is the best. Boys…Eh?:)

My son is set to conquer the world!

My son is quite crazy about Marvel comics. He is Blade- the marvel comics superhero. Though there are many superheros, but his favorite is Blade. He says it doesn’t matter if he is not able to become Blade, even if he becomes any one superhero he can defeat the world and all his class bullies…lol… Read more »





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