Tennis day out!

We had a great game of tennis this weekend. I had enrolled my son for tennis coaching and a’m surprised by the improvement. He put up a great fight and lost really close to me. I am one of the top players in our neighborhood and rarely anyone defeats me. To believe that I nearly… Read more »

Need some sunshine!

After four months of exams and stuff, finally I am taking my son outdoor for playing cricket. It has been too stuffy and a bit of sunshine will do a lot of good. He loves to play cricket (even me) and we had previously decided to go playing once his exams are over. Anyone care to… Read more »

The imaginary tea party

I recently brought my daughter a small toy tea set. She completely adores it and we had a tea break in the garden last weekend. She just rattled the toy cups, asked me if any sugar needed and pour some imaginary tea leaves. I was amused and then had to play along sipping the imaginary… Read more »

I want the best football!

My son wanted a highly imported football from Spain- Why? “My friend dad brought him a very expensive football from Spain and he brags about it. No one plays with my football, even though it is dirty now.” Kids somethings are so competitive…I knew I was one as a child:) Any one with similar experiences? … Read more »

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