Shopkins Season 1 5 & 12 Packs Limited Edition Hunt

We are on the hunt for another Shopkins season 1 limited edition. We are going to open up 5 & 12 packs today. What Shopkins will be hiding inside? Watch to find out. Who is your favorite Shopkin? Leave a comment letting us know.

Shopkins Season 1 Kooky Cookie Plush Secret Diary

Keep all your secrets safe with this Kooky Cookie Secret Diary! You can cuddle this season 1 plush then unzip the cookie to find a note pad and stickers! Wow look blind bags! What a fun surprise!

Shopkins Season 1 Mega 20 Pack Opening Unboxing

We are so excited to be bringing you the first of three different Season 1 Shopkins Mega 20 Packs. These are so cool and of course contain our very favorite Shopkins, season 1. You get 20 different Shopkins inside including ultra rares. Which character do you like the best?

Shopkins Season 1 Reveal

Shopkins Season 1 Limited Editions! The only time we ever got limited edition shopkins was Season 1. Relive our most fun Shopkins surprises in this unboxing compilation video!

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