Disney Cinderella Play

My daughter has been selected to play the role of Cinderella in her school play. I am actually proud of her.. lol any parent would be. I will have to purchase a new gown for her but it worth it. I will look to adjust my schedule to make sure that I can attend the… Read more »

Fans of Disney movies!

My kids just simply love watching Disney movies. I have many CDs of Disney movies for my kids to see during a rainy day. The day new movie is live on theater I need to purchase the tickets or my kids will create havoc. If the love the movie then they want its CD to see… Read more »

All the disney toys in our home

My daughter want the real life toy image of every Disney movie she sees. From Snow White to Cinderella and Mickey Mouse to Donald Duck to its various characters she wants all of them. She will play with them during the day while at night she wants them tucked around her bed. Anyone has a… Read more »

My seven dwarfs need their Snow White

I went to my niece house last weekend. See was playing with her toys. I observed that she was playing the story of Cinderella and it was actually my favorite story in my childhood. I started playing with her- me being the godmother:) and later on the prince. After finishing, I observed that she had… Read more »

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