Football fan

My son is a big football fan. He likes to collect jerseys of all players from all team. I don’t know why he is crazy about this jersey stuff  but he has more than three teams full players jerseys. Lots of money spent but it doesn’t matter as long as he is happy. 

Marble curiosity

My kid loves collecting marbles. He has various marbles in various colors and sizes. The fact is that he is intrigued my the particular ‘S’ like water flowing shape in the marble. In the start he tried to break the marble to get that different part inside the marble. Unable to do so, he is… Read more »

Why do kids like to collect things?

Kids like to collect all sort of things, whether it makes sense to an adult or not. My sons likes to collect coins, marbles, tops and cards. Not only just he collects them, but spreads them all over the house. It sometimes irritates me so much, but these are things that many times we can’t… Read more »

Rock Mountain

My kid likes to collect rocks. Anytime any rock that is different and appealing makes it way into his hands. Even on the beach when I am resting after a hard game of ball he strolls away to find rocks by the sea. Got a lot of rocks, has a cupboard of them all arranged… Read more »

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